Commercial Real Estate Sales Purchasing & Selling with Integrity & Respect

Celski and Associates is a leading real estate brokerage firm specializing in commercial real estate sales. We provide our clients with accurate market information and analysis, empowering them to make informed decisions when choosing commercial property to purchase. With a strong reputation for ethics and client satisfaction, we offer professional property management and assist in buying, selling, renting, and leasing commercial properties in Tri-Cities and nearby areas. 

Selling Commercial Real Estate

  • Providing comparable market analysis
  • Helping client(s) determine sales price
  • Market the property in the MLS
  • Market the property
  • Helping with negotiations & comparing offers

Buying Commercial Real Estate

  • Finding properties that meet the needs of our clients
  • Assessing property condition, zoning restrictions, and opportunities for income generation
  • Leveraging our unique combination of services to provide valuable resources
  • Writing offers and negotiating on our clients' behalf

Testimonials & Reviews from Our Clients