Here are some of the most common questions our customers ask before deciding to work with Celski and Associates.

Please let us know if you have any questions not addressed here.

What is your fee?

Our fee is based on property and scenario, with fees being negotiable. Commercial rates vary on a case-by-case basis and are evaluated by our Commercial department.

What sort of marketing do you do to attract a renter?

Our marketing strategy includes yard signs, internet advertising (extensive), newspaper advertising (if necessary), and a large amount of networking. Typically, in today's market, we will receive around 10-15 calls a day with renters looking for properties. If we are advertising a property that is pet-friendly, we receive about 25 calls a day. The call volume is mostly attributed to Celski and Associates being well known in the rental/property management market, having served locally for over 25 years.

Do you bill for utilities or does the tenant pay those directly to the utility companies?

The tenant is fully responsible for all utilities and we make sure that accounts are changed before handing over the keys. We do ask that the owner contact the utility companies prior to a renter moving in and supply them with an alternate contact/release of lien/landlord agreement. This makes for an easy transition for you and the renters. (Owner typically pays for garbage/sewer/water for duplex/apartment situation.)

What is included with "maintain client's home and provide preventative maintenance" and "inspect home every 6 months?"

We do full a walk-through every six months looking for any leaks, potential problems, excessive wear/damage and proper cleaning/maintenance of the home. We have a 24-hour fully licensed, bonded and certified property services company that remedies most of our repair and maintenance issues at discounted rates for both labor and supplies. We also provide contractors for specific jobs such as carpet care, cleaning and landscaping/irrigation at a considerable discount. Problems that typically arise are clogged drains, a/c not working, sprinkler breakage and leaks.

Is a fee also due to you in months when the property is vacant?

We work strictly on commission, so would like to get a quality tenant for the greatest rental rate the market will hold, providing us both with larger profits. If the home is vacant, we will not charge a fee.

When lease term is nearing completion, do you begin marketing for a new tenant if current tenant doesn't renew lease?

Notification of lease expiration happens at least one month to 45 days in advance to both the current tenant and the owner. The tenant has until 15 days before expiration to resign or notify that they do not intend to renew, at which point we start marketing and showing the property. Ideally, we have a new lease prior to the existing tenant moving out. *Turnover usually takes 3-10 days for cleaning/repairs/carpet care.

Do you handle the eviction process, if necessary?

Celski and Associates provides an in-house attorney, Celski Law Firm, that specializes in real estate law, personal injury, divorce, wills and family law, so legally, you will be covered—especially during the eviction process, which takes 12-16 days. Authorization to evict is also necessary.

While searching for the first tenant, will you have a lockbox on my property for showings, or will I need to be present to unlock for showings?

We do not use a lockbox (for rentals) or require you to be present during a showing. We set appointments or multiple showings to allow prospective tenants to view the property, therefore, will require a copy of the key once we decide to start marketing.